A Life Of Fiction

This is the blog of Philip Drew, author. I am an author of novels, and short stories, which could be described as gas-lamp fantasy, horror, Victorian crime melodrama, steampunk, fantasy, cosy catastrophe, crime, and just plain weird. I have also made some attempts at literature, although those novels do have fantastical elements.

I also write poetry.

On this blog you will not hear about my day to day life – that I picked my nose on such-and-such a Thursday, or that I went to the pub on a Friday night. I’m not interested in writing those sorts of details, so I can’t imagine that anybody could possibly want to read them.

Instead I will talk about my novels and the whole creative process. Or, at least, that is my noble intention; with the hope that some of you constant readers will find the descriptions interesting enough to check them out. Ah, yes, I bow down before the altar of base Mammon, as even writers have to eat. We cannot survive on our love of words.

If I get the chance, I will also include mention of my Gas-Lamp Fantasy Role-Playing Game, and possibly also provide brief articles for it.


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