A Life Of Fiction II

It has occurred to me that I have not explained why I am calling this page, about me, A Life Of Fiction. It is not just because I am a writer. No, the other reason is because my ‘autobiography’, when I finally get around to finishing it, will be called Extracts From A Life Of Fiction. That is the reason.

Some of this blog may eventually find its way into my ‘autobiography’. Conversely, I may also trail extracts from my biography on this page: one of them is lower down this entry. I will add to this page as I find that I have things which I want to say. I will not be adding to it every week. My life is too dull for me to attempt to entertain you with the minutiae of my existence.

If I have any news to share with my readers I will try to post the news. News may include new novels coming out, or anything else which I feel might interest somebody interested in the world of fiction.

Below is the recipe for a cocktail called a Prenderghast. It is about the only cocktail which the author drinks.

American readers will not be able to sample the cocktail, as absinthe is illegal in the USA, for reasons which I cannot understand, as absinthe has made me no crazier than I was before. if you are in Britain, in some bar which stocks absinthe – and there aren’t that many – then you can sample my cocktail then.

Extracts From Extracts From A Life Of Fiction: How To Make A Prenderghast


A Prenderghast is a cocktail named after a character in several of my gas-lamp fantasy novels. It is called a Prenderghast because the character liked to drink absinthe, and the Prenderghast cocktail has absinthe in it. It was my brother who actually came up with the name of the cocktail.

It is now the only cocktail which I drink, but my opportunities to enjoy it are limited by the fact that most pubs don’t have any absinthe.

First, pour lime cordial into a tall glass, so that it slides down the inside of the glass. Add crushed ice to the glass. Pour in a generous amount of absinthe – and it must be real absinthe, not pastis. Then add lemonade, and stir. The drink should take on a cloudy aspect. Add a slice of lime if you desire. It is the perfect cooling drink for a warm summer’s day.


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