A Life Of Fiction III

I started this WordPress site in order to give people a chance to read my writing; and, thus, to advertise some of the many things which I have written over the years, as my sales on the Kindle store… Well, to have called them dreadful… I aspired to having dreadful sales. My sales, of all bar one book, were non-existent (and that sole spark in the cosmos was only selling one a day).

I was hoping that people would read the extracts on this site and want to check out the whole shebang. But I think that there have been fewer visitors to this website than have checked out my stuff on Kindle.

Ah, well, I am trying not to moan. It is possible that things may pick up, once I finish this site, get some headers and so on.

I want to spend the rest of my life writing. It is the one thing which I am not terrible at. Okay, there was train-announcing as well, but I am never going to get to do that again. Unfortunately you don’t get paid for writing words. Not unless they get published.

I have spent years sending stuff of to publishers, with very nice responses but nobody actually taking me on as an author. So, in the end, I decided to go down the whole publishing on line route. Which is fine. Nearly everything which I have completed is now on Kindle. The only problem comes in promoting your work.

I think the chart on Kindle runs to some three quarters of a million books. One of mine is in the top half million. All my work is overlooked, as there are so many other books out there. This is a massive free-for-all; and I think that luck plays as important a part in being successful as any literary ability.

You can’t have a book-signing for e-books, book signings being one way in which novelists can help promote their work. It has been suggested that I strip all of my clothes off and run naked and screaming down my High Street. But I demurred. The weather is too chilly to do that. Perhaps, next summer, if things have not improved…

On brighter matters I have completed my short novel Lucian. It is now available on Kindle.

With each completed work it is on to the next. Lucian is done, and is complete. Now I will carry on with Pest Control and The Hulk, while also pottering about planning my autobiography. Before Marvel starts applying whetstones to lawyers’ knives, I should say that The Hulk refers to a boat, and is nothing to do with a certain Mr Robert Bruce Banner.

I hope, by the time that you read this post, that extracts from all of my completed book series or individual books should have an extract on this site; and that there should be a brief synopsis of those works.

Eventually, if I feel that there is call for it, I may provide extracts of works in progress.

Adieu, and all the best to any other authors out there.


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