A Life Of Fiction L

For those of you new to this WordPress site, this site is about me and my writing – and a little about my role-playing, as well. It gives readers a chance to sample my work before purchasing it on the Kindle store; and gives me the chance to say a little about the genesis of each novel, or about the process of writing in general.


My little empire: My literary scribblings, in the form of short stories, are not limited to this WordPress site. I have also done several vignettes which can be found on the excellent website Steampunk Empire. I hope that people, after reading those vignettes, may decide to check out other examples of my work.

People should also check out Steampunk Empire, not because it has hosted some of my humble offerings, but because it is an interesting site in its own right, for anybody who is interested in things which are a bit steampunk.

The vignettes and short stories on these sites, to date – unless I have forgotten something, in which case you have my apologies – are:

The Amber Catacombs




The Secret Chamber

A Riot


The Box

The Steel Assassin

The Death Of Smudge

Some of these vignettes may, at some stage, be linked together into a longer narrative. But there is part of me which wonders if it is necessary to fill in the gaps, and whether it might be possible to portray the gist of a story just using such vignettes. The reader would effectively be glimpsing part of the plot of the story; and should be able to imply the missing bits out of the context of the vignettes.

So far the vignettes which I am considering assembling into a unified narrative are: Escape; Smudge; Eyrie; The Box; the Steel Assassin; and The Death of Smudge. The other vignettes are stand alone.

The Amber Catacombs is a complete Briggs and Prenderghast short story, and will not be extended.

I find The Secret Chamber interesting, however. I might, at some stage, write something else to extend that tale, as I have worked out in my head just what is going on in that tale.

There are no plans to do anything else with Assassin.

A Riot is not really a tale set in my shared gas-lamp fantasy world. It is not the world of Briggs and Prenderghast, Jack Blain, and the others. Rather, it is set in a Victorian world in which the New Puritans took control at some stage in the past. I would be lying if I did not say that I was a little bit influenced by the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.


In addition to Steampunk Empire I am also a member of Brass Goggles, although I have not yet contributed any stories to that site, only the odd comment in some of the discussions. Both sites can be found in my links. Go check them out if you are interested in steampunk things.



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