A Life Of Fiction LXXXIV

For those of you new to this WordPress site, this site is about me and my writing – and a little about my role-playing, as well. It gives readers a chance to sample my work before purchasing it on the Kindle store; and gives me the chance to say a little about the genesis of each novel, or about the process of writing in general.


Fractions Of Verse: I have a lot of incomplete poems. Some of those are only a couple of lines; some of them are completed poems, but not good enough, in my opinion, to release on the general public. However, I have gathered those fragmentary pieces of verse together into collections – five, so far – which, should I retire as a writer (or die) I will release for free, just so that everything I ever written gets out there.

Here are five of those incomplete fragments, one taken from each collection (so far). These poems won’t be completed any time soon; and they may never be completed by me. These bits are of no literary merit. But I’m hoping that they may be of interest to anybody who wants to know what creative processes my brain goes through when I am trying to sling some words together.




Chasing the rocket tail

Barking at coke machines

In the ether maelstrom

You spin me around (like a record, baby)

The Guinness books is stout parchment

Brown stains on my soul.


The soil of despair

Is a distant cousin to anger

And the danger has not passed.

The cracks are on the outside now

Like a crocodile smile

Like the void between galaxies.


Demented like a biscuit

I crumble and fail

Into the mud I will.


I am the agony bore

The martyred whore

The word without a page

And though I can rage

I can never win in

This game I don’t play.


Jigsaw me into pieces

Like the mices and meeces.




I cannot choose to give up booze –

It’s all that keeps me sane,

Whatever I try, it’s no use,

I need to numb my brain.

I do not care about my health,

I do not care about my friends,

I do not care about my wealth,

For the means is now the ends.

Lager and ale and porter

May make my life shorter,

And I may drink my life away

And go early to my grave

But I’d rather number fewer days

Than have life and body saved

If it meant that I’d never sink

Another alcoholic drink.


Time (Unfinished)


Time, beheaded and dissected

Into minutes and seconds

Nano-days to play around with

Into its component parts

Try to gain time by

Splitting the second

Little morsels to digest

We live longer if we measure the days


First Love (Unfinished)


Accidental collisions in life, brought me to your doorstep

And my hand is raised but far too nervous to knock

They never explained first love.

Or how my heart would skip a beat

Every time we meet

And how my lungs would not be able to grasp air

Every time I see your beauty fair.

And each moment that I don’t see you

Is an eternity in Hell

But you don’t even know me.


Just Like Betty Page


I see her on the stage

She looks like Betty Page

I want to drown in her

Her voice a sexy purr

Her head of sable threads

Her eyes say come to bed

A Fifties lipstick pout

An icon busting out

She is a darker pearl

She’s bound to be my girl

In ropes and cuffs and chains

But I’m the one in pain

Whenever she’s not there

I worship the hair

That caresses her back

So straight and lustrous black;

The style is all the rage

She’s just like Betty Page.


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