A Life Of Fiction XCI

For those of you new to this WordPress site, this site is about me and my writing – and a little about my role-playing, as well. It gives readers a chance to sample my work before purchasing it on the Kindle store; and gives me the chance to say a little about the genesis of each novel, or about the process of writing in general.


My links: I have links listed down the left-hand side. Some of those are your standard WordPress links, and I have simply left them as they are, as I don’t want to do anything to those kind WordPress people who let me have this site for free. But the others I have out down because they are interesting to me, or because they are something which I think that a person should check out. They are not simply random.

Well, there is another reason. In an attempt to advertise my work, so to speak, I have joined several forums. It is simple if I have them down the side of my website, so that I can remember which ones I have joined. I can just click on them then. Yes, I could probably have them as favourites, or something like that. But I find it easier this way. I really am not very good as far as internet stuff goes.


Alan Moore: Godlike Genius, as I have said. His site does not always appear to be available. But I have had situations where you couldn’t access it one day, and it was fine the next week. So try again if you can’t get onto it.

Alan More is a novelist and a comic-book writer, and several other things beside. But I won’t go into the fact that he has claimed to worship a snake goddess just here. The thing which makes me think that Alan Moore is the best thing since the invention of fish and chips is the legacy of so many great comics which he has written over the years: Swamp Thing, V For Vendetta, Miracleman, Watchmen, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, Captain Britain, The Bojeffries Saga and others. And the comics are better than the film adaptations.

In terms of novels I understand that Alan Moore has just completed the first draft of a novel called Jerusalem. The novel is supposed to be around a million words long, and is about Moore’s beloved home town of Northampton. The novel is told in different voices and styles; and is due to be published some time next year. I look forward to reading it, although I have no idea how long it will take me to complete it.


Author Central (and my other my other author page on Amazon): These are links to my two pages on Amazon: one for Philip Drew, and the other for Philip Allan Brian Drew. Originally I only had one, with all of the stuff which I had on Kindle listed on the same page. But something happened, and when I completed the book Demoner I tried to add it to the page, but was unable to do so. So I did another Author Central page, going through Amazon and listing all 130 odd books on the new page. Now the same thing has happened again, and I can’t work out how to add the most recent books which I have completed to my Author Central pages: The Black Museum, Themes For An Ending, and Eternal Darkness. They are missing from at least one of the pages.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I am just being a klutz.


Brass Goggles: This, as might be guessed from the title, is a steampunk site. It’s one of a handful of really good such sites. If you are interested in steampunk then you should be able to find an interesting discussion. Or, if you decide to join the site, and there is not a discussion which you want to add to, but there is something which you want to say, then why not start a discussion of your own?

The site is divided up into sections such as Metaphysical, Tactile, Aural-ocular, Textual, Anatomical, Geographical and Trading.  

   Metaphysical covers various discussions about Steampunk and Victoriana.

Tactile covers making stuff, such as Steampunk props. I’m not good at crafts, and all of the things featured here are above anything which I could do.

Aural-ocular covers music, TV, and such things as video games. If it is something you can watch or listen to, then this is the part of the site for you.

   As a writer it is the Textual stuff which is of most interest to me. But maybe you will be more interested in other bits of the site.

Brass Goggles has a few short pieces of prose by me: Beware Of Spring-Heeled Jack and Don’t Go Out On The Moors. I make no claims for these being the greatest pieces of literature; or even the greatest things which I have written. but I enjoyed writing them, and they are free.

Anatomical covers food, drink and costume. Some great costumes here, for those of you into dressing up.

Geographical covers events, etcetera.

   Trading covers people selling stuff to each other. As I haven’t anything to sell, and can’t afford to buy anything, I haven’t checked this section out. Caveat emptor.

   That is basically the Steampunk Forum at Brass Goggles. Take a look, if you haven’t already done so.


British Library Archives: There are archives of British newspapers here, making this an important resource for people writing historical fiction – and for people writing gas-lamp fantasy, as well.


Dan Hartland: Dan Hartland is a friend of mine, and he is a great singer-songwriter. I would not have a link to him if I thought that he wasn’t any good. I am convinced that it is only a matter of time before I see Dan on Jools Holland.

I haven’t managed to get to see Dan play for far too long. I follow where he plays, but the last time that he played close to me it was sold out, worse luck. The next time he is somewhere where I can get back from on public transport I will go and see him play.


David Mitchell: This is the David Mitchell who is the author of Cloud Atlas, rather than David Mitchell the comedian. I have all of his books apart from the most recent, The Bone Clocks, which I have not yet purchased in paperback. He is one of the few living literary authors who I would recommend.


English Authors Services: First of all I should admit that this is run by a friend of mine. But even without the nepotism I would recommend this site for anybody who wants professional editing of their book. The person behind the site – I’m not sure if he wants his name mentioned here – is at least as talented a writer as I am, but he has the official qualifications to back it up.

So get past the bucolic scene which confronts you when you click onto this site. If you want university-standard editing of your book this is the site to go with.


Get Inspired: This is one of the standard WordPress links. I haven’t checked it out yet. I have enough inspiration for my writing.


Get Polling: I must own up to not having checked this out, either.


Get Support: Nor this. Maybe I should click on the link and see what support is available.


Grandvalise: This is a site run by a couple of my friends. Yes, nepotism is alive and well on my site. And why not? They are good musicians, albeit overlooked by a music industry obsessed with the rubbish which features on X-Factor and other similar television programmes.


Horrogamesforum: I joined this site because they have a small section related to writing horror. I posted a few comments there, hoping to get into some discussion with other members. But the section appears to have become a little moribund, without other people posting at the moment. I keep going back, hoping that other people will post something, as there is little point in me saying stuff if nobody reads or answers it. I’ll keep this link hoping that there will be more action in the future.


Learn WordPress: I guess that I really should have checked this out some ninety posts ago, so that I knew what I was doing. But I have managed to get by with cutting and pasting my stuff so far.


Library Thing: This is an odd little site. People list the books which they possess. I have done that with only a handful of my books. But I have far too many books to put on here; and a lot are small press publications, ones which don’t exist, according to this site.


Neverwas Haul: This is the only YouTube page to which I have a link. I’m not a massive fan of YouTube. I’m guessing that if you are already a fan of steampunk or gas-lamp fantasy then you will probably have already seen this. But, if you haven’t, then click on the link and check it out, it’s really cool.

The Neverwas is, basically, a steampunk vehicle imagined by a mad inventor. This clip shows it moving along. Not very fast, but it’s a bit of a surprise that it moves at all.

I think that it is a great design for a steampunk vehicle. When I ran a gas-lamp fantasy role-playing game with some of my friends one of the player characters ended up owning a Magickally souped up version of this craft.


Neil Gaiman: Neil Gaiman is another of my favourite authors. I am a big fan of American Gods, as I think that I have said in past posts. A big fan of Good Omens, written with the immortal Terry Pratchett. But it was Gaiman’s work on comics which first drew me to the writer; specifically his work on the Sandman comic.


Perfect Pitch: First of all I should say that this is run by a friend of mine. But I would recommend this site even if it was not. This site is of use to anybody seeking to approach a publisher, with the idea of getting their novel in print, and getting paid for it.

Perfect Pitch lists contact details for all of the book publishers who pay advances for your work. If you want to get published by the professionals then you should check this site out. There are a lot of publishers listed on this site, from small to large, all of them with contact details, and how to approach them.

There is a section just for American publishers, for those of you out there who are my American cousins. Here is the link: http:\Book Publishers USA   MY PERFECT PITCH.html Or it was supposed to be, but on testing doesn’t seem to work. Strange. Oh well, check out the website, anyway, the other link is fine.

If anybody out there does get a book deal through Perfect Pitch, please do me a favour and leave a comment on Perfect Pitch that you went there via this site. Ta.


Pig Pen Poetry: This is one of a couple of poetry forums of which I was a member. I would still be a member of these sites, if I could remember my passwords. But I’m getting annoyed with having to apply for a new password every time that I want to post a poem, or something like that.


Poetry Forum: This is a site with some great pieces of poetry on it 9and not just because I’ve put a couple of poems on there). I would check it out a lot more often if I didn’t keep forgetting my password to post things on the site. I keep locking myself out of the discussions, like the anti-technological fool that I am.


Robert Rankin: Robert Rankin is a British author, who writes strange little novels, many of them set in and around Brentford. Books which have appeared include ones with such wonderful titles as Sex And Drugs And Sausage Rolls, Sprout Mask Replica and Knees Up Mother Earth.

   Robert Rankin can be an acquired taste: one of my friends love his books, but the rest admit that they can’t get into them.


Steampunk Empire: This is another steampunk site. It is one of only a handful on the internet which I think are worth checking out (the other two are also in my links). This was the first forum which I joined, originally in an attempt to promote my writing.

There are a lot of different groups on Steampunk Empire, featuring everything from costumes to writing to absinthe. Join the groups which are of interest to you. I think that I’m a member of about half a dozen different groups.

Occasionally Steampunk Empire will offer a writing challenge, such as write a story containing three or four odd words (listed in the challenge). I have done which such challenges I have come across. Therefore, you will find a few vignettes by me on that site, as well as stories by other, capable writers.

I think that the pieces on Steampunk Empire by me are The Falls; Resurrection; and Sausages. There may be others. I have spread a lot of bits and pieces over the internet, in an attempt to lure people in to this site.

If you just want to chat with other writer’s then you probably want to check out the group called Scribbler’s Den. This is run by somebody who goes by the name of Blimprider, and is one of the nicest and most helpful people whom you will come across.

If you are into steampunk, or even vaguely interested in the idea, then you have to check out the forums on Steampunk Empire.


S.W.A.G.: This is the Steampunk Writer’s and Artist’s Guild, and the third steampunk site of which I am a member. It is a well-designed site, but the writer bit – which is what I am interested in – doesn’t seem to update quite as often as the other two steampunk sites to which I have links. That, though, should not be misconstrued as a comment on the standard of the writing on this site.

Perhaps all that this site needs is a few more active members. So why not join and kick-start some communication?


Terry Pratchett: I’m going to leave the link to the Terry Pratchett site for as long as the site is still maintained. Terry Pratchett was one of my favourite authors, and a great human being. I still find it hard to believe that there won’t be that much more to be published under his name. I don’t know if any of the stuff which he was working on when he died will appear in some format or not. Hopefully any such news will appear on this site.


Theme Showcase: I presume that this link is to a site showing all of the themes available on WordPress. But I’m quite happy with the From Dusk To Dawn theme. It’s one of the best ones available for free (and I’m a pauper).


WordPress Planet: Again this is another site which I probably should have checked out before now. It is one of the links which you automatically get when you begin doing stuff on WordPress.


WordPress.com News: Mea culpa, again. If anybody from WordPress is reading these words, I promise that I will eventually get around to looking at all these links. Honest Injun.


Writers Forum: This is a site discussing the literary craft. I really should try to contribute to this site (maybe they will take notice of me and check out my WordPress site).


Sorry if I have missed out any important links here. That is enough for this post, anyway. I think that next time I might discuss an aspect of my poetry.


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