A Life Of Fiction CII

For those of you new to this WordPress site, this site is about me and my writing – and a little about my role-playing, as well. It gives readers a chance to sample my work before purchasing it on the Kindle store; and gives me the chance to say a little about the genesis of each novel, or about the process of writing in general.


The Good Stuff Is Coming Back: As I write these words (probably some time before posting them on my site) there are plans afoot to return to the small screen some of the programmes which I watched when I was many years younger. They are bringing back Twin Peaks, although I understand that David Lynch is no longer attached to the project. And they are also bringing back the X-Files.

Of the two programmes it was the X-Files which most appealed to me – at least the series where it was Mulder and Scully. I kind of lost interest when they were replaced by other characters. But the writing of the early series was excellent, even on the monster of the week shows. They were all interesting. It was only later, when it began to be all about the alien invasion subplot, that I think that the series began to falter a little.

I hope that this series will give a final ending to the X-Files, rather than attempt to make it a going concern again. I want the whole plot concerning the alien invasion to be finished off, one way or another. I think that Chris Carter owes his old loyal viewers that, at the very least. And his old fans owe him not to prejudge what the new series will be like, but to give him the benefit of the doubt.

It might end up not working. But I think that it will be wonderful. There has been enough time passed for all of those involved to be eager to make a decent final coda to that series.

It has to have Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the cast list. If it doesn’t then there will be very little point in making it.

The X-Files – along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer – is one of those series which, I think, has been very influential in bringing more genre programmes to our TV screens: some of them good, some of them not so good. But the success of those two programmes convinced TV executives that there was a large enough audience for those programmes that more of them could be made. And so we got programmes like Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Warehouse 13 and all the rest. The X-Files was one of the trailblazers for programmes like that.


Twin Peaks was a show which I watched to begin with, but which I drifted away from in the end. Now I wish that I had watched every episode, with its damn fine coffee and its Log Lady.

I watched the film: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and thought that it was excellent. I haven’t yet got the original series on DVD, but I have got the film.

There is something dreamlike about the programme. David Lynch has much to do with that. He is a weird man who has done some strange stuff.

He hasn’t really worked well as a director of ordinary movies. They gave him Dune to direct. But his talents weren’t suited to such science fiction, in my humble opinion. Lynch is better when he is allowed to run a little wild. I’m thinking of the weirdness of Eraserhead here. I still don’t understand what that film is all about.

Blue Velvet was a great film (again, in my humble opinion), as was Mulholland Drive. At his best David Lynch manages to imbue his work with a dreamlike, sometimes nightmarish quality, so that it feels as though there is a disjunction with reality. He claims that he sees angels. I believe that he believes that. The world is certainly a much more interesting place for having people like David Lynch in it.


I hope that they keep the original theme music when they bring these shows back. I really liked the haunting synth-based theme tune to the x-Files; and the Chris Isaak theme for Twin peaks was excellent. I don’t want some new pieces of music picked for the shows. The themes were integral to the programmes.

At least, in some shows, they keep the music (or an updated version) when the shows return. To do otherwise would be very foolish, so that, when Hawaii Five-O returned, they kept that wonderful piece of music which I knew from my childhood.


Now all I want to hear is that they are remaking something like the (Steed and Emma Peel) Avengers or Adam Adamant Lives and I will be able to die happy!


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