A Life Of Fiction CXLVII

For those of you new to this WordPress site, this site is about me and my writing – and a little about my role-playing, as well. It gives readers a chance to sample my work; and gives me the chance to say a little about the genesis of each novel, or about the process of writing in general.

All My Short Stories: Here and there I have listed all of the novels and poetry collections which I have completed. I have listed my short story collections. But, as I was looking through some of my work, I realised that I had not done a list collating all of my short stories, and in which volume they could be found. So I apologise for this being a boring post, if you are not interested in searching out any of these stories. Normal service will be resumed next week.

Here are the short story collections which have been completed, and are on sale on the Amazon Kindle platform:

Strange Tales

Terra Nova Does Not Answer

The Green

Studio Time Is Precious

Game Over

Floating In Space


Memory Of A Summer’s Day

The Goblin

Attack Of The Marmosets

Health And Safety

The Nobody Men

Death Rays R Us

Into The Woods

The First Man On Mars

The Well Of Ideas

A Face In The Crowd

The Vegan Option


Take Me To Your Leader


The Ogre King Of Loch Nae

Hallow Even

Goatboy No More

All You Need Is Blood

The Siren’s Call

A Wrong Turn

The Club

Final Mission

The Stranger

A Murder Of Crows

The Last Girl On Earth

A Leg Up

With Love, From Jack

Diaspora In Blue

Arthur Sleeps


Untitled Story

The Observers

Patagonian One Cent Blue

Never Had A Man Before

Children Of The Third Generation

In Weston Covert

Time In A Bottle

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

Possession (Is Nine Tenths Of The Lore)

More Strange Tales


The Sailor Who Sailed Over The Edge Of The World

All The Single Marys

Dark Stranger

Soul Thief

The Megido Factor

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Experiment V

Symphony For The Devil

Venus Envy

Fever Dreams

Walking On Thin Ice

This Last Night In Heaven


A Little Thesis

Judas Christ

Hitler The Clown


A Different Fable

The Rejection

Haunted Places Of The Heart

The Fiddler On The Hill


Whispers From The Abyss

Imaginary Friends, Absent Gods

The Collectors Of Legend


From The Sea

Monsters Of Love And war


The Utter Sterility Of Perfection

For All The World Is Sand


Ice Broken At Dawn

Reservations For An Iron Halo

Book None


Jesus In An Ashtray

The Last Enemy

My Great Adventure

Strange Story

The 42nd Day


The Wastrel Of A Thousand Years


The Man Who Killed John Blake


The Old Man Of The Lye


Approaching The Kingdom

One True Love


A State Of Magnetic Flux

More Fishing To Do

The Looking Glass


The Knockers

Old Ghosts Don’t Fade Away

The Ghosts Of Belmont High

In Fields Of Corn

The Ghost Train

Die In Flames And Burn Forever

The Ghost Of Tom Grove

The Double Bagger

Ghosts Of The Mind

Into Darkness, Falling

I, Ghost”

Empty Streets

The Red Light Was Flickering


The Man Who Came Back

The Great White Hunter



Everybody Out!


A Hellish Holiday

The Story Of Eve

The Laser-Guided God

I’m Not Dead, I’m Only Bleeding

The Garden

There Was This Guy…


King Of The World

The Secret Life Of God

A Most Unusual Case

The End Had Been Nigh

For The Love Of A Brother Not

All The Stars In Heaven

The Trial

Conversation In A Job Centre

My Name Is Lucifer

Blinded By The Light

The Song Of Samael


Seven More Years!

Me And Robert Johnson Blues

I Am The Resurrection

Judas As A Boy

Drake Family Mysteries

The Locked Room

The Mystery Of The Missing Diamonds

The Case Of The Hanging Judge

The Kindness Of Strangers”

At The Sign Of The White Horse

A Matter Of Blood

The Case Of The Red Feather

A Hard Working Man

The Sailor Who Never Was

The Thirteenth Chime

The Mystery Of Hidden House

Three Card Trick

The Thorndyke Witch

The Haunting Of Hillwood Sidings

This Mortal Coil

A Delicate Taste

The Last Crusade

The Last Will And Testament Of Walter Welch

Dead Canaries

The Return Of Spring-Heeled Jack

Tales For A Rainy Day

Conversation On A Park Bench

Feeding The Ducks

When We Were Young

The Fox

After School


Over The Hills And Far Away

The Twelfth Of Never

Back To The Old House

A Christmas Tree

Who Am I?

Would You Pass The Salt?


Two Characters Meet In A Pub

From Icon, To Yukon


Ring Ring

I Think That This Letter was Sent To Me In Error…

Short Story

How The Spider Stole Man’s Fur

The Missing

The Stones


Incident On A Motorway

King Of The Castle

That Greengage Moment

A Horse And His Girl



But I’m A Lesbian

A Horse Called Mouse

The Diva’s Last Aria

Monologue 2

Monologue 3

Half A Dialogue

One Day In The Death Of Alan Jones

The Box In The Attic

Begging Forgiveness

The Hermit



Emma Pines 4 Andy

Machinations and Mortifications

The Machinations of Edgar Roscommon

The Self-Mortification of the Last Martyr

Gravestone Blues

Paper Trail of the Unmourned Dead

Empire of the Lizards

The Easter Egg of Creation

The Dead Will Out

The Magic Lantern

There is a Green and Pleasant Land

The Keeper of the Dead

The Night Inviolate

True Stories

A More Modern Prometheus

All You Need is Money

The Night Army

The Ghost Preservation Society

The Veneration of Dip Dip

Spirits of the Floating World



The Sun Does Not Rise

The Haunted Tavern

School for Ghouls

The Inventor

Behemoth’s Last Stand

The Undiscovered Country

It Is Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away

Mrs Millets’ Last Laugh

The Problem with Harry, and other stories

The Problem with Harry

The Priest

The Gift

Blood and Roses

The Paradox Machine

How the Tiger earned his Stripes: A Fable



The Strange Case of God versus God

The Death Industry

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


Paladins of the Silver Screen

The Greatest Story Never Told

The Bells

Tinseltown Bestiality Explosion

Exile To Reality

Numero Uno

My Imaginary Friend

Martian Legacy

The Wanderers Return

Beyond The Ice

A Victorian Ghost Story

The Writing Of History

One Day in a Dream Job, and other stories

One Day In A Dream Job

Dead Man’s Hand

Miniskirt Blues

We Are All Ghosts Now


A Model Life / A Life Model

Black Planet

The Last Hallivaunt

Dead Man’s Shoes

Dinner For Three

Manifest Destiny

Another Place

Ghost Dance

The Legacy of St Germain


Ho Ho Urgh!

The Four Lords


Monologue 3

Nun of the Above

Child of Darkness


The Flamberge Papers


The Retirement of Black Bess

The Time Historians

The Last Vampire

Monologue 4

Anno Domini 999


The Lion Comes Alive


The Man Who Became Ray Davies, and other stories

The Man Who Became Ray Davies

The Man Who Trained Wasps

The Man Who Exploded

The Man Who Ate Books

The Man Who Loved Tom Duke

The Man Who Didn’t Die

The Man With The Poison Smile
The Man With The Unicorn Horn

The Man Who Murdered Himself

The Man Who Whispered Darkness

The Man With The White Streak

The Man Who Watched The Skies

The Man Without A Shadow

The Man Who Hated Sleep

The Man Who Knighted Squirrels

The Man Who Dreamt

More Ghosts

Going Home

A Shaggy Dog Story

The Haunted Narrow Boat

Ghost Stories

Another Ghost Story

The Drowned Girl

The Bridge

The Bare Bones

The Last Ghost Story

The Inn

The Pipes

The Each Uisge Of Loch Drogon

The Ghost Club

The Friends Of Edward Spencer

The Ghost Collector

The Ghosts Of Angel Street

Unfinished Business

To All Things There Must Come An Ending

Pub Tales

Tale One: The Tale Of Terry The Miller

Tale Two: The Tale Of Barry The Perv

Tale Three: The Tale Of Eddie Monk

Tale Four: The Tale Of Carrie The Angler

Tale Five: The Tale Of Tom The Poet

Tale Six: The Tale Of Godwin The Savant

Tale Seven: The Tale Of The Jazz Man

Tale Eight: The Tale of Paul The Writer

Tale Nine: The Tale Of Frank The Sparks

Tale Ten: The Tale Of Jodi The Would-Be Model

Tale Eleven: The Tale Of Jenny Wren

Tale Twelve: The Tale Of Bob The Gardener

Tale Thirteen: The Tale Of Patrick

Tale Fourteen: The Tale Of The Loud-Mouthed Moron

Tale Fifteen: The Tale Of Gerry Springer

Tale Sixteen: The Tale Of The Birdwatcher

Tale Seventeen: The Tale Of The Narrator

Retrograde Juvenilia volume one


Christmas Story

Deus Ex Machina


East Of Thule


Eternity In A Wild Flower


First Snow




High Roller

I Don’t Like Mondays

If Wishing Made It So


In The Winter Of The World

In The Zone


Intelligent Life


Lines Of Code




New White World

No Man Army



Paranoid Cyberpsychosis


Robin Of Sherlock

Run Free

Second Chance


September 1752

Shooting Star



Retrograde Juvenilia volume two




Tempus Fugit

The Author

The Blob On The Beach

The Blood Song Of Mary White

The Book

The Bridge Of Ghosts

The Commuter

The Eastern Lights

The Fireman

The Flesh Made Word

The Great Hamster Rebellion

The Hanging Tree

The Hidden People

The Historian

The Last Of The Tigers

The Last Stand Of The Confederacy

The Last Temptation Of Elmer Fudd

The Legion Of The Lost

The Lonely House

The Man In The Moon

The Man Who Sold The World

The Man With The Clockwork Soul

The Melting Of The Snow

The Meticulous Examination Of Pre-ordained Destinies

The Moving Pen

The Myth

The One That Got Away

The Pineapples Are Coming!

The Wallet

This Corrosion

This Is Not The Route Of The Number 9 Bus

Tra La La, Tra La Troll


We Are All Ghosts Now

When The Cows Come Home




Unbegun Tales

Are You Dreamworthy?

A Man’s Home Is His Castle

The Shadow Army of Ch’ieng Wu

Hunting Trophies

Animal Magic

All My Bitter Tears

The God Conspiracy

The Spirit of the Clent Hills

Hitler the Clown


Bing Bong Barry


Holiday in Brighton

Four Walls of Stone

Ghosts of the Cockle Pickers

Sociopathic Tendencies

Mushrooms For Tea

Tooth Marks

After The Fall

The Ghosts of Fallujah / The City of the Dead


Beware of the Dragon

The Unbearable Loneliness of the Long Distance Ghost

Going Home Forever

Dial H for Horror

On the Trail of the Loathsome Slime

The Armour of Light

He Walks There Still

Me And Robert Johnson Blues

What If?

The Church of Blood

The Halls of Ruination

Body Snatch

From Below

Hunt The Killer


Unbegun Tales Volume II


Requiem for a Serial Killer

Terra Biblis

The Wasps in the Walls

The Anachronism


What Am I, A Ghost Or Something?

All The Dead


All Accounts Are Surely Paid

The Ignoramus Syndrome

Neither Up Nor Down

The Library Books


Lads’ Night Out


The Persistence Of Memory

All The Time In The World

There Are No Such Things As Ghosts

Ghosts Of The Forgotten Gods

One More Bullet To Go

Beyond The Setting Sun

Island In The Clouds

Strange Imaginings

Late Contact

The Last Tree

True Stories

Soaked In Blood


Unbegun Tales Volume III

The Tornado

Dodo Ghosts

Seventy Seven, Weather Fine

The Zigzaggers

Cryogenic Dreams

All Quiet On The Southern Front

The Legend Collectors

The Neglect Of Virtue

Cell Division

Pages From The Mages

Earthly Fictions

The Old House At The End Of The Road

The Ghost Of Cain

Ghosts / Machine



One Night At The Mercy Hospital

Split Personality

God Is A Computer Programmer

A Bastion Of Forgetfulness

The Collector Of Odds And Sods

The Old Clockmaker

The Watch

Reformation on an Arcane Cycle

When The Magick Failed


Unbegun Tales Volume IV

Invasion, 1801

Hesperides Cider

The Most Beneficent Paladin in the Whole, Wide World

The Mourning of the Magician

The Martian Problem

The Meticulous Examination of Pre-Ordained Destinies

Ghosts of the Civil War

Bad Effects

Allotment Wars


A Declaration Of War

The Legend of Semtex Bill

Freight Gone

Roman Sentries

The Dinner Party


The Ghost of Superbman

Warriors of the Wasteland


Killers On The Roam

100 Words: Alpha Male

The Story of Literal Bob

One Kingdom Under God

The Fast Food Diet

The River That Flowed Uphill

The Bog


In Search Of Buried Treasure


Unbegun Tales Volume V

Would It Have Been Better If Kennedy Had Not Lived?


In The Record Store


The Next Morning

The Railway Cat

Ocean Waves

The Joker With The Boots Of Iron

The Haunts

The Pristine

The Tunnels

The Adventure of the Murdered Prisoner

The Dark House

The Monster Under the Bed

More Steam, Vicar?

A Meeting

The Triple Trick

Ghost Wolf Dream

The Shades: While You Were Sleeping


The Thrown-Awayers

One More Scar

Caravan Napped

Return, The Conquering Hero

At Night, He Comes

The Storyteller

You Know


The Wondrous Adventures of John Briggs and William Prenderghast

The Diamond Of Voorst Kop

The Adventure Of The Rooftop Brigand

The Sad Tail Of The Missing Cat

The Many Deaths Of Dr Lazarus

The Unquiet Graves

Ghosts Of The Black Mill

The Shooting Party

An Evening At High Tor

The Chinese Sorcerer

Murder Most Fowl

The Bloody Journal

The Adventure Of The Crimson Letters

The Mystery Of The Murdered Painting

The Secret Of Janus House

A Holiday By The Sea

The Diabolist

In Search Of Buried Treasure

The Problem Of Haden Grange

The Strange Case Of The Missing Book

A Grove Of Oaks And Mistletoe

The Disappearance Of Emily Strange

The Weirding

The Witch Of Olden Thorp

All Hallows Eve

The Ring Of Math Mathonwy

The Man Who Was Holmes

The Midas Machine

The Sign Of The Serpent

McAbre Castle

The Mark Of Cain

The Body In The Bog

The Curious Affair Of William Earl

The Further Adventures of Briggs and Prenderghast

The Red Creeper

The Mystery Of The Chalk Giant

The Interloper

The Poet’s Problem

The Russianist

Ghosts In The Machines

The Greenstone And The Jackdaw

The Legacy Of George Aquarius Seybold

Murder At The Trismegistus Club

Madam Mystique


The Green Fairy

The Considerate Murderer

Midnight At The Silver Dragon

The Beggar Prince

Once Upon A Murder

The Devil In The Detail

Honour Among Thieves

The Master Of Tigerlaine

The Mystery Of Clarendon Maze

The Anadem

The Caves Of Llanfern Gorge

A Mechanical Monstrosity

A Face In The Window

Mordecai Simonson

This Righteous Man

The Last Unicorn

Full Moon, Silver Bullets

Ave Atque Vale

The Exploits of Briggs and Prenderghast

The Old Mendacity Shop

Coins For Charon


Prenderghast And The Yeti

The Ghost Train

The Adventure Of The Christmas Goose

The Photograph

The Box Impossible

The Ghoul Of Highgate Cemetery

His First Safari

The Perot Affair

The Music Hall Mystery

How Vishwanath Came To Serve

The Links

The Mystery Of Number Thirteen

The Great Race

The Forgotten Village Of Willowhurst

Through The Looking Glass

The Hidden Library

London Smog

Hickory Dickory Dead

An Elegy For Muntford Ducks

The Magician’s Nephew

A Little Local Difficulty

The Seventeenth Stair

The Wonderful Wizard Of Aus

The Land Beyond The Woods

The Sharapovsky Enigma

The Blackguard

The Final Adventures of Briggs and Prenderghast

Missing, Presumed Guilty

The Queen Of Bow Bells

The D’Arcy Syndrome

An Angel In Islington

The Strangeness Of Edward Allen Green

The Ludgate House

The Grandmother Clock Mystery

The Johnson Affair

The Rosimund Statuette

The Problem Of Lea Meadow

Alfred Compton Haight

The Cave Behind The Waterfall

The Twelfth Man

The Luck Of The Irish

Mr Daedalus


Four One Three Six Zero

The Last Case

The Untold Adventures of Briggs and Prenderghast, Volume I

The Peterson Formula

An Illness of the Earth

The White Room

Devil’s Bridge

A Most Magickal Christmas

The Séance

Boxer’s Mystery

The Penny Charm

A Crystal from Lemuria

The Other Necropolis

The Angel of Cumberland

The Untold Adventures of Briggs and Prenderghast, Volume II

The Trithemius Cipher

The Legend of Black Annis

The Sword of Saigo Takamori

The Adventure of the Arsonist

Blighter’s Rock

The Chief-Commissioner of Assam

Doctor Foo

The Mystery of the Tarot Card

Society of the Elect

Murder In The Air

The Return of Doctor Omen

The Untold Adventures of Briggs and Prenderghast, Volume III

The East End Golem

The Twice-Murdered Man

The Mystery of the Cromlech

The Invisible Invasion

The Toymaker

The Haunted Novelist

The Mark of Cain

The Purist

The Exploration of Hengist Castle

The Sands of Time

The Riddle of the Voice

The Phlogiston Regulator

Well, that’s it. I was going to say a little more about these short stories. But I think that this post is already long enough.


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