A Life Of Fiction CLXXVI

For those of you new to this WordPress site, this site is about me and my writing – and a little about my role-playing, as well. It gives readers a chance to sample my work; and gives me the chance to say a little about the genesis of each novel, or about the process of writing in general.

New Year Resolutions: My New Year resolution, this year, was to try to get noticed. I have written a lot of stuff, in the past. Not counting unfinished stuff I have written more than ten and a half million words. But there is not much point in writing all that stuff – even though I primarily write for myself – unless people read my work. I want to have as wide an audience as possible. Doesn’t every author? I don’t think that there can be many audiences who might say that they are so elitist that they only want a few people to read their work.
Ultimately, I want to be an overnight success. It is turning out to be a very long night, though, considering that I first began writing over ten years ago. Back then, though, it really was a hobby. It was some time before I tried pitching any of my work to publishers. Most of them got back to me, and I now have a great number of rejection letters. In fact being rejected has given me ideas for two different works (not sure when either will be finished). The first of those is now a half-finished novel called Rejection, in which a serial killer, formerly a would-be author, goes around killing all of the people who sent him rejection letters. It was one way in getting rid of the annoyance which I felt in getting rejection letters which said that I could write, but that they did not think that my novel was commercial enough. It is sometimes liberating to have your main protagonist as a serial killer. Get it all out of your system. It is certainly a lot better than becoming a serial killer in real life. Not that I have ever been tempted to do that.
The other idea which I had for a book, inspired by my rejection letters, was a non-fiction work called How Not To Get Published, which, I suppose, you could say was a bit of satire. Basically, in that book, I will list all of the many mistakes which I have made. And I must have made lots of them, I suppose, over the years, even though I have tried to follow the advice in such things as the Writer’s and Artist’s yearbook. I will stick all of my failed pitching letters in that work, should I ever get around to finishing it.
Anyway, the point of this post was not about the many books which I have not yet got around to finishing. It is about my intent to try to do at least a little bit more to promote my works on Kindle. Oh, and to put a few more books on there, as well. I haven’t stuck anything on kindle in many months. During that period I have completed a couple of poetry collections, as well as a few novels and one short story collection. They might as well all go on Kindle. Poetry collections are never going to make you any money unless you bag the title of Poet Laureate – and I am afraid that that will never happen to me. I am not some great talent like John Masefield, although I do think that I do produce a decent poem now and then.
So I am going to stick everything which I can on Kindle. But that alone will not be enough. Sticking things on Kindle really is the simple bit. The hard bit is promoting your work, and I freely admit that it is a problem which I have not yet cracked.
I have begun going to a monthly spoken word night near where I live. I recite about three poems each time. I think that, now, it is about time to get commercial, and tell people that all of my poetry can be purchased on the Amazon Kindle site. I suppose that I might sell a couple more by doing something like that.
What I really need to do, though, is to try to increase my web presence. It is very small. But I intend to do that without Facebook. For reasons which I will not go into hear I am not a fan of Facebook. Well, I am on Twitter, but with only four followers I do not think that Twitter will be the path to fame and fortune. So I think that I will have to increase my net presence by contributing to other sites.
Those are my New Year resolutions. But, like all such resolutions, the chances are that I will not stick to them. What is it that they say bout the road to Hell…



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