Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out was my first attempt at a vampire novel. It is set in the modern day, and Britain, and it tries to imagine what the reactions of the police would be if there actually were such things as vampires.

As may be imagined, the police would not believe the evidence. There are no such things as vampires. There aren’t monsters under the bed. and not believing in vampires will put any police dealing with them at a massive disadvantage.

Extract from Blood Will Out

Blood will out; flesh can only conceal so many truths, and even fewer falsehoods. There are no secrets after death; it is the time of untold revelations, when all life’s mysteries are exposed, nothing concealed, but no chance to tell.

Cassandra wasn’t singing any more. Her unsigned emo band was going to have to find a replacement for her. But there were plenty of black-dressed, black-tressed, white-skinned goth girls dying to be sirens to their depression, to crucify themselves on the arms of their ankhs. But Cassandra was not wearing makeup any more. The pallor was real, and not a guise.

In death, she had achieved a look which she would have died for in life. Exsanguination tends to do that for you.

This pale treasure was found one cold morning (but she was colder yet). It was not stolen away, at first, to some sombre trove, but left where it was, while those with coloured powders, and strange glasses and lights gathered ‘round, performing their abstract inspections. But the magic dust unveiled no marks of murder’s hand; the mystic lights shone on no blood, for blood was there none. But Graves already knew that she had been killed there, and not moved: the lividity (of what blood remained) proved that.

Only when the chamber in which she had been discovered had been checked around her corpse was she taken away; the arcane illuminations continued in her absence.

Sable paper mocked the walls; darkness without, darkness within. Her own bedroom; her own morgue. Splayed on her rumpled black silk sheets, moon flesh against the night sky. The papers would blame Marilyn Manson for her death; but it was his doomed chords which had kept her alive.

Desires become real; but some fantasies should not be lived out. Love can be fatal, sometimes. More so lust.

Blood Will Out is available as an e-book on the Amazon Kindle store.


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