Fate Vignette 00

The following vignettes were written for the Fate RPG. The main character of the author was Vladimir Ulyanov (no relation). Ulyanov was the original name of Lenin.

The point of these vignettes was only to add a little to the background of the characters, and to better explain some of the notes on the character sheet. They are not intended to be literary fiction.

Fate Vignette 01 is set on Mars in the future. I once did some Martian slang for the novel Legion. I decided to resurrect that slang for this vignette, just to add a bit of colour, and to differentiate Mars from Earth. Here are some of the words. I have added a few as I wrote the vignette, and may add more in the future.

Martian Lingo

abrupted: awoke.

Autowasher: dishwasher

actioned: acted on, activated.

big-bang: explosion, to explode

canteened: ate (in a canteen)

Controller: the elected ruler of a Martian colony

deci-hour: a tenth of a Martian hour, a period equivalent to around fifteen minutes on Earth.

de-ingressed: left, went out of.

de-klaxoned: stopped an alarm.

de-uprighted: sat down

digits: fingers

DutyTime: work periods

eyewise: examine, look at closely

gene-gineered: genetically modified.

hour: just over two and a half Earth hours. Mars uses decimal time.

ident card; identity card

idented: named

ingressed: went in to

klaxoned: alarmed, rang, set off an alarm

lingo: the Martian name for its particular slang.

mind-think: think carefully

mysterioso: mysterious, curious, strange.

okey-dokey: okay

Old World: Earth.

Policers: the police

Pseudo-Milk: artificial milk. Lactose free.

recog: remember

shushed: opened (door – because of the sound effect)

SleepyTime: sleep, night-time

SupaMuesli: breakfast cereal. Tasteless.

toasty warm: very warm

uprighted: got up

waterfalled: fell (as liquid)

I have, at the moment, around three vignettes planned, telling key moments in the back story of the character. each will probably only be a few hundred words long.