Planned works

Libri_books2I have a lot of novels which I plan to finish, at some time. I have a lot of unfinished books, ones where I have made the beginning but they are not yet completed within my mind. I am not going to carry on until I know what I am going to write; and until I know that I have precisely the ending which I want.

These novels which are still really in the planning stage include:

The Eternal War: a modern fantasy/horror novel about a war which has been going on behind the scenes for millennia, between angels and the nephilim.

2084: a follow up to 1984 which, if anything, will be even more depressing than George Orwell’s novel.

The Greening: a follow up to my novel The Impossibilities, which tells what happens to mankind and Susan following the events of that novel.

My Life With Thor: my attempt at a collection of comic vignettes, in which the god Thor (not the Marvel Comics character) comes to live with me.

Moon Blues: a novel about a werewolf told from the viewpoint of the monster.

77: a horror novel set in London at around the time when punk broke big in the UK, featuring an occult book store owner and a punkette searching for a missing girl.

Shimmersway: a fantasy novel about a female dark elf assassin.

Those are just a selection of some of the ideas for novels which I have had. None, all, or some of the above may one day see completion. One of the great problems I find is that I come up with ideas for novels which I would like to read – which have not yet been written, and thus I must write them myself – far faster than I can complete the material which I am currently working on. But I suppose that it’s a far better state of affairs than never having any ideas at all.


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