Roanoke 00

Roanoke: An Introduction


Roanoke is a serial set in my gas-lamp fantasy world, which has been the home to many of my novels and short stories. It is the home of Briggs and Prenderghast, John Makepeace, Professor Meerschaum, and Jack Blain. It is a world in which great airships float in the skies above Europe. but it is also a world in which Magick exists.

This serial concerns adventures of a character by the name of Edwyn Le Fay. Le Fay is not the most competent wizard who has ever lived. He is not evil. But he tends towards laziness. The only thing which he is interested in is Magick. But, as I have said, he is not that great at that (at least to begin with).

A novel, of sorts, featuring his first adventures is to be found elsewhere on my website.

He also appears in a short story called Le Fay And The Lost Monolith (set in 1902), which will appear in The Last Stories Ever Told, when that collection is finally completed.

At some stage he may appear in another novel. This one will be called The Coven Of The Blood, set in 1897. But that novel is a long way from completion; and it is basically on hiatus at the moment. I will get around to completing at it some stage. But not at the moment.

This serial is set after all of the above stories. He has become a better wizard, due to surviving several life-threatening situations. He is now competent, at the very least. But he still does not have what could be considered to be a proper occupation. He is, therefore, not the wealthiest individual in the universe.

I intend to put one chapter on my website each week. At the moment, while I write these words, I have just begun working on the first chapter. I have no idea how long this serial will be, and I don’t have any chapters planned out in my head before the first one. This really is making it up as I go along. Hopefully this will be fun…