Roanoke 09

Roanoke: Chapter Nine


The instinct of le Fay was to get out of there as quickly as possible. But he stopped himself – just in time – from jumping into a shadow and accessing that other mysterious world. He recalled what had happened the last time that he had done that on Roanoke. Instead he backed off, intending to run out of there.

“Wait, we mean you no harm.” the bald-headed man said.

Le Fay paused. His instincts told him to get out of there. He prepared to cast a defensive spell, should he need one.

“Who are you, and what do you want?” le Fay asked. He backed away a little. It was at times like this that he almost wished that he had a gun.

“We are the last two members of the Angelic Movement.” the bald-headed man said. “I do not know if you have heard of us or not.”

In the last few years Edwyn le Fay had read up a little on the history of Magick, and of some of the secretive orders of wizards. Wizards liked to form secret societies, for some reason.

“Pretend that I do not.” le Fay said. He wanted to hear these men explain their order. He wanted to see if it matched what little he had read about the Angelic Movement.

“We are the last of an order which was founded in the fourteenth century in southern France. The order was founded to use Magick for good, and to oppose evil. The early members styled themselves as angels, and took names of angels. This has continued, in an attempt to keep secret our real identities. I am Angel Raguel and this is Angel Zadikiel.

“Throughout history our group tried to do good works, even during the centuries when Magick was illegal, and thought only to be the work of the Devil. Our founders knew that Magick must have been created by God, for the Devil does not create things, he only perverts them. We brought to justice many evil wizards over the years.

“Our founders spoke to angels. They took their orders from the archangel Gabriel, whose name we do not take. The early members of the group even knew the secret spells to draw angels down to earth. But those spells were lost in an attack on our order in the fifteenth century. Now we can no longer summon angels or talk to them. But we follow the same precepts of fighting evil.

“We oppose a group who call themselves the Order of the Left Hand. We have been fighting them, secretly, for the past century or more. Most of our order – who have never numbered highly – has been wiped out in the struggle. But we thought that we had finally been victorious over the Order of the Left Hand.

“We recently discovered that a single Black Magician of the Order of the Left Hand had survived. His name is August Trevelyan, and he is probably the most powerful wizard of whom you have never heard. We have attempted to track him down, but without success. He is very good at covering his tracks.

“Within the past year, however, somebody matching his description has been researching the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. We do not know why he has suddenly become interested in this mystery. But it cannot be good for the world that he has taken interest in this matter. All that he has ever done is to try and propagate evil and to gain power for himself. We would stop his evil. We would prevent him from gaining more power.”

“What does this have to do with me?” le Fay asked. He had no desire to get involved in the affairs of some powerful evil wizard. It had been bad enough with Gideon de Ville, and then the Coven of the Blood. He didn’t want any new enemies.

“We learned from our contacts that somebody else was looking into the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. We thought that it must be our enemies, or at least somebody who worked for our enemies. What we discovered was you.

“We had to be certain that you were not connected to the Left Hand. We now believe that you are not connected to the Left Hand.”

“I am glad that you have concluded that I am not some evil wizard.” Edwyn le Fay said, sourly.

Le Fay was not sure whether to believe them or not, in their statement that they were members of the Angelic Movement. He had read up on the Angelic Movement, and what they had said seemed to match the few details which he had read. But maybe they had read the same books as he had. It didn’t mean that they could be trusted. And he didn’t like the sound of this evil wizard.

“So what now?” le Fay asked. “Why have you contacted me, rather than just watch me?”

“We had hoped to speak to you, when you disappeared before. We wanted to know if you had had any contact with Trevelyan. We still need to know if he has spoken to you.”

“I have never heard of the man.” le Fay said.

“Perhaps he has spoken to you without you realising that he is a wizard.” Raguel said.

Le Fay wracked his brains. Had anybody approached him asking odd questions? No, he could not think of anybody like that. There were only these two men. They were the only ones who had acted suspiciously, as far as Edwyn le Fay was concerned. He still did not trust them.

“No, I do not think so.” he said.

“If that is the case, that is good. It means that, for once, we are ahead of him.”

“I see.” le Fay said, although he didn’t, not really.

“We need to find out why Trevelyan is concerned with Roanoke.” Zadikiel said. “If we can discover why he is obsessed with this island we will be able to anticipate his next action. But we also need to know how you managed to disappear. Magick of Portals is almost a lost art. Where did you learn it?”

Le Fay was not about to tell them that it was not the branch of Magick called Portal Magick, but Shadow Magick which he had used. There was no way that he was going to tell them about that, no matter what. Let them think that he knew Portal Magick instead.

“I’m sorry, but I do not trust you enough to share my secrets with you. Not after you two have gone through my items at least once. It was you two on the steam ship who searched my cabin, after all.

“Anyway, what does this Trevelyan look like? If there is some dangerous Black Magician on the island then I would like to know what he looks like so that I can avoid him.”

“We do not know.” Zadikiel said. “We have never seen him in person, although he has been a constant thorn in our sides. He has crossed our paths many times. But he has always been one step ahead of us.”

“Yes.” Raguel said. “That is the case.”

“So he could be anybody!” le Fay said in despair. That was not what he had wanted to hear.

“He would be a stranger on this island.” Zadikiel said. “That much is apparent. In a small community like Roanoke Island the people will notice any strangers.”

Raguel smiled but didn’t say anything. Le Fay did not know why he was smiling. This wasn’t very funny. But the smile disappeared almost as soon as it was formed.

“So what happens now?” le Fay asked. He really did not like the idea of some unknown Black Magician stalking around the island.

“If there is some portal here it must be what Trevelyan is after.” Raguel said. “We must discover why the portal is so important to him. And, to do that, we must open it…”