Roanoke 10

Roanoke: Chapter Ten


“No, not today.” le Fay said. He was not going to be rushed into anything. He did not know these two men. They only claimed that they belonged to the Angelic Movement. Le Fay had no proof. And he did not trust them.

“I beg your pardon?” Zadikiel said.

“I have recently used this, er, Portal Magick, as you say.” le Fay said. “I do not know if you are aware of this, but it is very tiring. I am still feeling exhausted from my mystical exertions. I want another day of rest before I do any more Magick.”

The other two men exchanged glances.

“Is there no way that you can open the portal today?” Raguel, the bald-headed member of the Angelic Brotherhood said. He seemed eager for the Magick to take place as soon as possible. “Even now Trevelyan might be closing in on Roanoke Island.”

“If he is too tired then he must rest.” the other man said. “Between us we should be able to protect this place from Trevelyan. We could try opening this portal at dawn tomorrow. The Magick should be stronger then.”

“Agreed. We will meet tomorrow, at dawn.”

“I must go.” le Fay said. He did not say whether he was actually going to turn up at dawn or not. The two men exchanged glances. But they did not say anything. Edwyn le Fay took the opportunity to get out of there, while he still could.

Edwyn le Fay hurried back to Denton’s house. He had to think, and he had the best part of a day in which to do that. As he went he kept looking back over his shoulder to see if the two men were following him. But there was no sign of them. They weren’t there. But he supposed that they had guessed that he was staying in Manteo. Where else was there to stay on Roanoke Island? And, moreover, if this Black Magician Trevelyan wasn’t staying in Manteo then where was he?

As soon as le Fay got back he went and sat down on the spare bed in Denton’s house. He tried to think of the best thing to do. There was part of him which simply wanted to get out of there, perhaps flee back to Britain. But he rejected the idea of running away. If he did that then he would never discover what had happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. He knew that if he fled that he would spend the rest of his life wondering about the mystery. He knew that he had to know the truth. It was his curse.

Denton wasn’t in when le Fay got back to the house. Edwyn le Fay decided to wait for his host to return. He wanted to speak to Denton.

It was a couple of hours before Denton returned. Edwyn le Fay spent those two hours fretting, worrying that this unseen Black Magician, Trevelyan, had somehow got to Denton. But, of course, that was not the case. Denton had simply been doing his job.

“Have you seen any strangers around the island?” le Fay asked.

“No, only you.” That meant that Denton had not only not seen Trevelyan, he had not seen the two other wizards, either.

“Nobody else?”


Le Fay wondered where the other two men were hiding out. It was not as though there were many places to hide in the island. And not just them – there was the Black Magician hiding somewhere on Roanoke Island, if Raguel and Zadikiel were to be believed. But it seemed that these men weren’t in Manteo. Le Fay was sure that Denton would know if there was.

“Is anything the matter, Mr le Fay?”

Edwyn did not realise how nervous he looked.

“No, nothing is the matter. But I am feeling a little tired, after my, ah, exertions. I think that I might spend the rest of the evening in, if you don’t mind.”

Denton shrugged his shoulders to indicate that he did not mind, not one little bit.

“Well, I will start cooking the supper, if you’re not going out again.”

“Thank you.” le Fay said. He had thought about telling Denton not to say that he had a guest at his house. But maybe it was already too late for that. Maybe those two wizards already knew where he was staying.

That night, after dark, and supper, le Fay thought about creeping out of Denton’s house. He wondered if he should try to find out where the two white wizards were. He thought that they had to be somewhere within visual range of the site of the Lost Colony. They must be watching the place from afar. That would explain why they had turned up so quickly after he had gone to the site. He wondered if they were watching with binoculars, or whether they were using something like a crystal ball. Most wizards would have said that they preferred to use a crystal ball. But that was a lie. If you were watching something from a distance binoculars or a telescope were far easier. For one thing they didn’t tire you out. And, for another, they did not leave any tell-tale trace of Magick behind them.

Le Fay decided not to leave the house, not when using Shadow Magick was dangerous. He would have to forego this skill while he was on the island.

“No.” he muttered to himself. He wasn’t going outside. Not if there was some Black Magician on the island, somewhere. They were definitely people who you didn’t want to meet in the dark. He settled down for an evening of reading instead. Reading, and thinking about that vortex. He would try to open it. Well, he was a wizard, wasn’t he? That was what wizards did.

He did not sleep well that night, and he needed no alarm to wake him up. The next day, at dawn, he took not only his mythometer with him, but also Falcombe’s mystical viewer and his Magickal oscillator. He would need them id he was to interact with the vortex. He just wished that they weren’t quite so heavy. Even though it was not a long walk to the site of the Lost Colony his arms still ached by the time that he got there.

The two men were already there, waiting for him. Le Fay wondered where they were staying, as he hadn’t seen them in Manteo. Perhaps they were camping somewhere on the island. He might ask them, later, just where they were camping. But, for now, that could wait.

It was time to try and open the portal, and discover whether the mystical maelstrom was a doorway to some other world.