RPG: Creating A Trophy Room (article)

603px-Moon_bear_faceThis article covers not normal collections, such as books or stamps, but the collection of trophies: either of animal heads, or skins, or a trophy taken from enemies who the characters have defeated.

Certain characters have a compulsion for collecting things. A big game hunter will have the heads of the animals which he has bagged decorating the walls of his house. Perhaps he will have a grizzly bear rug on the floor. But what point is there in having such things if you cannot show them off, and let other people admire them?

Characters who have sizeable houses will want to create trophy rooms, if they are either big game hunters, or characters who collect articles belonging to fallen foes, or things representing successful adventures.

Big Game Trophies: Big game hunting trophies will come in three forms, generally speaking: mounted animal heads; animal skins; and stuffed animals, mounted whole. All of these need some sort of preservation, so that they do not rot.

The trophies which most big game hunters will want to collect are the Big Five. These are all African animals, and will usually be heads mounted on the wall. They comprise the lion, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, leopard and elephant. If a character puts the head of an elephant up there he will certainly need a lot of space.

There were many other animals that were made into trophies, however, including the jaguar, snow leopard, tiger, brown bear, eland and others. And if a character wants a really impressive trophy, he should try to bring down one of the animals which are not yet accepted by science.

Other Trophies: These cover the sort of trophies which my serve as an aide memoire of some adventure which the character has been on. They could be some item belonging to a fallen foe, something from a specific location, or a photograph of some place or event. Some of the possibilities, including examples of trophies from famous villains, are listed below, to give Gamesmaster some idea of the sort of trophies that a character might collect to admire in his old age.

The knife of Jack the Ripper

A greeting scarf from Thibet (pictured)

A fragment of glass from one of Bloody Mary’s mirrors

The airgun used by Colonel Sebastian Moran

A cane belonging to Professor Moriarty

A rare flower from some hidden valley or lost city

Characters, in collecting such items, should be careful that they do not pick up anything which might have a curse on it, however, such as the Bloody Journal which once belonged to Harsh, the last full-blooded ogre.

A Gamesmaster can either create, or allow a player character to create, a visual representation of the trophy room, with pictures of each trophy, and a small note concerning where the trophy came from.


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