RPG: The Complete Equipment Book (extract)

Note: This is an extract from the supplement The Complete Equipment Book, for the Gas-Lamp Fantasy Role-playing Game. The prices are as accurate as I can find, but some of them have had to be guesstimates.

The prices of the items are listed first; then, further down the page, are brief descriptions. All of the prices are in British pounds, shillings (s) and pence (d). In 1894 there was twelve pence to the shilling, and twenty shillings to the pound.


Drugs and Medicines


Embrocations, Rubs, Oils, etc Cost

Bunce’s Liniment 8½d

Burdock Ointment 10d

Camphor Ice, tin 7½d

Dr Mackenzie’s Poor Man’s Friend Ointment, small pot 1s 1½d

Dr Mackenzie’s Poor Man’s Friend Ointment, medium pot 2s 9d

Dr Theodore’s Ointment 1s 6d

Dr Thomas’ Eclectric Oil 1s 8d

Elliman’s Universal Embrocation 1s 1½d

Holloway’s Ointment 1s

Hood’s Ointment 10d

Hope’s Magnetic Ointment 9d

Minnard’s Liniment 8½d

Rowlands’ Kalydor, small bottle 2s 3d

Rowlands’ Kalydor, large bottle 4s 6d

Sanitary Rose Powder, small box 1s

Sanitary Rose Powder, medium box 1s 9d

Sanitary Rose Powder, large box 3s

Sanitary Rose Powder, large bottle 5s

“Sanitas” Embrocation, small bottle 8d

“Sanitas” Embrocation, medium bottle 1s

“Sanitas” Embrocation, large bottle 2s 6d

Trask’s Magnetic Ointment 10d

Wintergreen oil, bottle 1s 4d


Dr Mackenzie’s Poor Man’s Friend Ointment: For ulcerated sore legs, cuts, burns, bruises, broken breasts, chilblains, cancer, ulcers, scorbutic eruptions, painful and enlarged toe joints, pimples in the face, piles and fistula, weak and inflamed eyes, and those eruptions that sometimes follow vaccination.

Dr Thomas’s Eclectric Oil: For external and internal use. For coughs due to colds and common sore throat; for lameness and soreness of the muscles; to relieve the pains of simple neuralgia, earache and toothache; to allay inflammation in superficial bruises, cuts, burns and scalds, minor sprains, nonvenomous insect bites, frostbites, chapped hands, corns, bunions, and warts.

Elliman’s Universal Embrocation: For stiffness, aches, pains and bruises.

Holloway’s Ointment: Is the most reliable remedy for Sore Legs, Sores, Ulcers and Old Wounds.

Rowlands’ Kalydor: Cools and refreshes the Face and Arms of Ladies; it eradicates Freckles, Tan, Sunburn, etc, and produces a beautiful complexion.

Sanitary Rose Powder: Proprietor Woolley, Sons and Co. For Sunburns, Chafes, Roughness of the Skin, and Perspiring Feet, etc.

Wintergreen oil: This is recommended for arthritis, poor circulation, headache, a bad heart, rheumatism, cramps, inflammation, hair care, gout, ulcers, and broken or bruised bones.


Hair tonics, etc Cost

Ayers’ Hair Vigour 2s 5d

Macassar Oil, small bottle 3s 6d

Macassar Oil, large bottle 7s

Macassar Oil, very large bottle 10s 6d


Macassar Oil: Preserves and beautifies the Hair, and prevents it from falling off, or turning grey.


Medicine Cost

Armbrecht’s Coca Wine , 1 pint 4s

Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, bottle 3s

Ayer’s Pills 9d

Beecham’s Pills 1s

Bishop’s Effervescing Citrate of Caffeine, small bottle 1s 1½d

Bishop’s Effervescing Citrate of Caffeine, large bottle 2s 6d

Bond’s Red Clover Compound 4s 2d

Bowche’s Prussian Syrup 2s 5d

Bromo-Phosph, bottle, small 1s 1½d

Bromo-Phosph, bottle, medium 2s 3d

Bromo-Phosph, bottle, large 4s 6d

Brown’s Bronchial Troches 10d

Campbell’s Quinine Wine, bottle 2s 5d

Carter’s Iron Pills 1s 8d

Castoria, bottle 1s 1d

Castor oil, bottle 1s

Chase’s Pills 9d

Clarke’s World Famous Blood Mixture, bottle 2s 6d

Coca Lozenges 1s 9d

Cocaine Toothache Drops 2s

Cockle’s Anti Bilious Pills 1s 1½d

Cough Drops 1s

Dodd’s Kidney Pills 1s 7½d

Dr de Jongh’s Cod Liver Oil 1s 1½d

Dr J Collis Browne’s Chlorodyne, small bottle 1s 1½d

Dr J Collis Browne’s Chlorodyne, medium bottle 2s 9d

Dr J Collis Browne’s Chlorodyne, large bottle 4s 6d

Dr Mackenzie’s Catarrh Cure Smelling Bottle 1s

Dr Robert’s Alterative Pills, small bottle 1s 1½d

Dr Robert’s Alterative Pills, medium bottle 2s 9d

Dr Robert’s Pipulæ Antiscrophulæ, small box 1s 1½d

Dr Robert’s Pipulæ Antiscrophulæ, medium box 2s 9d

Dr Robert’s Pipulæ Antiscrophulæ, large box 4s 6d

Dr Tibbald’s Blood Tonic, bottle 1s 1d

Dr Williams’ Pills 1s 5d

Fellow’s Compound Syrup 1s

Freeman’s Chlorodyne 1s 1½d

Gell’s Dalby’s Carminative 1s 9d

Godfrey’s Cordial, bottle 4d

Hoffman’s Headache Powders 10d

Holloway’s Pills 5d

Hood’s Pills 9d

Kennedy’s Medical Discovery 6s

Kinmond’s Double Strength Fluid Magnesia, small bottle 1s

Kinmond’s Double Strength Fluid Magnesia, small bottle 2s 6d

Laudanum, 4 oz , Crest brand 1s 2d

Little Liver Pills 7½d

Lyman’s Fluid Magnesia 8d

Mariani Wine 4s

Miller’s Emulsion, small bottle 1s 5d

Miller’s Emulsion, large bottle 2s 5d

Morson’s Preparation of Pepsine, as wine, small bottle 3s

Morson’s Preparation of Pepsine, lozenges 2s 6d

Morson’s Preparation of Pepsine, powder, in 1 oz bottles 5s

Murray’s Fluid Magnesia 1s 3d

Nerviline 10d

Newbery’s Dr James’ Analeptic Pills, small box 2s 9d

Newbery’s Dr James’ Analeptic Pills, large box 4s 6d

Newbery’s Dr James’ Analeptic Pills, family box £1 1s

Newbery’s Dr James’ Fever Powder, packet 2s 9d

Newbery’s Dr James’ Fever Powder, bottle 4s 6d

Newbery’s Dr James’ Fever Powder, large bottle 11s

Norway Pine Syrup 10d

Owbridge’s Lung Tonic 1s 4d

Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills, small box 1s 1½d

Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills, medium box 2s 9d

Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills, large box 4s 6d

Perry Davis’ Vegetable Painkiller 2s 6d

Pierce’s Favourite Prescription 3s

Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery 3s

Pierce’s Pellets 8½d

Pitkeathly cum Lithia Water 3s

Pond’s Extract, bottle 2s

Radway’s Ready Relief 10d

Ransom’s Hive Syrup 10d

Roach’s Sea Sickness Draughts, box containing 6 4s 6d

Roach’s Sea Sickness Draughts, box containing 12 8s 6d

Sage’s Catarrh Cure 1s 7d

Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil 1s 5d

Siegel’s Pills 10d

Siegel’s Syrup 1s 10d

St Raphael Quinquina Tonic Wine, small bottle 1s 9d

St Raphael Quinquina Tonic Wine, large bottle 3s 3d

Vogeler’s Curative Compound, small bottle 1s 1½d

Vogeler’s Curative Compound, large bottle 2s 6d

Warburg’s Tincture 1s

Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, small bottle 2s 6d

Whelpton’s Vegetable Purifying Pills, small box 7½d

Whelpton’s Vegetable Purifying Pills, medium box 1s 1½d

Whelpton’s Vegetable Purifying Pills, large box 2s 9d

Winslow’s Soothing Syrup 10d


Armbrecht’s Coca Wine: Best influenza tonic. Made from Peruvian coca leaves.

Bond’s Red Clover Compound: This is a great blood cleanser. It cures scrofulous, cancerous and canker, humours, liver and kidney diseases, skin diseases of all kinds, catarrh blotches, boils, constipation and biliousness.

Bromo-Phosph: The world’s greatest tonic. Take it for Nervous Debility. Take it for The Tired Brain. Take it for General Weakness. Take it for Indigestion. Take it for Sleeplessness.

Clarke’s World Famous Blood Mixture: Is warranted to cleanse the blood from all impurities, from whatever cause arising. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Sores of all kinds, Skin and Blood diseases, its effects are amazing.

Cockle’s Anti Bilious Pills: Free from Mercury. For Bile, Liver, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, etc.

Dr Mackenzie’s Catarrh Cure Smelling Bottle: Cures cold in the Head, cures Nervous Headache, instantly relieves Hay Fever and Neuralgia in the Head, is the best remedy for Faintness and Dizziness.

Dr Robert’s Alterative Pills: The best Blood Purifier, having over 100 year’s reputation. They should be used in all skin infections. These pills are also strongly recommended for Habitual Constipation, Pimples, Headache, Heartburn, Sluggish Liver and are invaluable as a general family aperient.

Dr Robert’s Pipulæ Antiscrophulæ: One of the best medicines for purifying the blood and assisting Nature in all operations.

Dr Tibbald’s Blood Tonic: For eczema, pimples, eruptions.

Gell’s Dalby’s Carminative: Cure for Diarrhoea, symptoms of Cholera in adults, and wind in the bowels of infants.

Holloway’s Pills: Purify the blood, correct all disorders of the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys and Bowels, and are invaluable in all complaints incidental to females.

Kinmond’s Double Strength Fluid Magnesia: Contains just double the quantity of any in use, and therefore more certain in its action, and can be taken with more benefit for Acidity, Heartburn, Headache, Gout and Indigestion; also a mild aperient.

Mariani Wine: This inimitable COCA WINE Restores Health, Strength and Vigour. It is the most efficacious of Tonics and stimulants, without any unpleasant reaction. It is universally recommended by Physicians as “A powerful rejuvenator and renovator of the vital forces.”

Morson’s Preparation of Pepsine: For indigestion.

Newbery’s Dr James’ Analeptic Pills: Have been famous, during upwards of a century, for gently arresting the progress of Colds and Sudden Chills.

Newbery’s Dr James’ Fever Powder: The old established medicine for the cure of Influenza, Cold, Measles, Feverish symptoms, etc.

Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills: Good for Cure of Wind on the Stomach; Indigestion; Sick Headache; Heartburn; Biliousness; Liver Complaint; and for All Complaints arising from a disordered state of the Stomach, Bowels, and Liver.

Pitkeathly cum Lithia Water: Certain remedy for Gout, Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago. It is also good for the congestion of the Liver and Kidneys.

Pond’s Extract: Worth its weight in gold!

St Raphael Quinquina Tonic Wine: Unfailing remedy for influenza, depression, chills, anaemia, neuralgia, insomnia, etc.

Vogeler’s Curative Compound: Purifies the blood. It is the Queen of Medicines.

Whelpton’s Vegetable Purifying Pills: Recommended for Disorders of the Head, Chest, Bowels, Liver and Kidneys; also in Rheumatism, Ulcers, Sores and all Skin Diseases – these Pills being a direct Purifier of the Blood.


Plasters Cost

Alcock Porous Plasters 10d

Mitchell’s Belladonna Plasters 10d


Teeth Cost

Fougera’s Angelic Tooth Paste 2s 7d

Rowlands’ Odonto Toothpaste 2s 11d

Toothbrush, small, box of 12 2s 2d

Toothbrush, large, box of 12 3s

Toothbrush, polished bone 7d

Toothbrush, Imperial Crown 9d


Rowlands’ Odonto Toothpaste: Is the best tooth powder; whitens the teeth and prevents decay; contains no acid or gritty substances.


Recreational Drugs Cost

Cocaine, per grain 2s 6d

Marijuana, per ounce 1s

Opium, per ounce 3s


For laudanum see medicines above.


Smelling salts, etc Cost

Dr Mackenzie’s Catarrh Cure smelling bottle 1s



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