RPG Vignettes: 03: Two Years Ago

Two years ago, and another run, before she had got hold of her guns. Just her sword.

There had been four of them, back then: herself, Dexter, Jones and Glover. The mission was supposed to have been a simple one: get a stolen necklace back. She should have known that it is in ‘simple’ missions in which everybody does.

Yuki had not known that, back then. Nor had she known that there had been a miniature computer drive hidden inside one of the jewels of the necklace, and that it had never been stolen in the first place. Had they known about the computer drive then things might have been different.

Glover had been the security specialist. He was supposed to have been an expert on getting into places. Yuki should have guessed that things had been going to go wrong when Glover took five minutes to pick a simple mortise lock.

That had let the four of them into the building. It had been supposed to have been deserted, that night. Yeah, well, it hadn’t been, but they hadn’t known that, when they had gone inside.

The place had been in darkness. Yuki had taken point, and Glover had taken the rear, and he was supposed to have been the security guy. But everything had looked fine; but everything had been a lie.

They had gone up a set of stairs to where the necklace was supposed to have been. No red light on the security cameras, and Yuki and the others had thought that meant that they had not been on. They hadn’t seen one track their movements.

Another lock, and another five minute wait, before they had broken into a luxurious, ‘empty’ apartment. Glover had gone over to the oil painting of some old, dead guy. He had knocked it aside, to reveal the wall safe which they had been told about. They had felt that they were almost home and dry.

Glover had opened the safe, although it had taken a lot longer than Yuki had been happy with. They should have been out ten minutes back.

Glover had reached in to grab the necklace; and that had been when everything had turned to crap. Lights had lit up; doors had opened; guys with automatic weapons had entered stage left.

Yuki had gone for the nearest guy, instinct replacing common sense. He had raised his gun, but a second too slow, and his hands had parted company with his wrists, the fingers still clutching the gun.

Others had not been so lucky, as chaos had ruled in a short and very violent combat. It was over in seconds. Bullets had flown, and a very sharp katana blade had flashed. When it was all over the only two who had still been standing were Yuki and Dexter. Two of the guards had been killed; and the third was rolling around on the floor, never having to worry about whether he would father any children in the future.

Glover had been turned into a bloody mess. He had caught a shotgun blast in the face, and he had been rendered. The blood-spattered necklace was at his feet.

Jones was dead as well. A sub-machine gun burst had got through the leather jacket he had worn for protection.

Dexter had taken a bullet in one leg. It would leave him with a permanent limp. Yuki had realised that even she was bleeding – a bullet had scraped the left side of her stomach. It would leave her with a thin white scar.

Yuki had reversed her sword and brought it down on the guard who had been moaning in pain. There had been a rattling sound, and the guard had stopped moving.

“Let’s get out of here.” Dexter had said; or words to that effect. Yuki could not recall what is exact words had been. Maybe a profanity or two had been inserted.

Yuki had then grabbed the necklace, and they had, indeed, gotten out of there, before anybody else tried to kill them.

“I’ve had enough of this.” Dexter had said, as they had gone to deliver the necklace. “I’m not doing any more runs.”


“I’m gonna get killed if I carry on like this, Yukiko. I’m getting out of the game. I’ve got some money put aside. I’m gonna set myself up selling weapons, instead of using them. There will always be people who want to buy guns.”

That had been end of Yuki and Dexter fighting together; but it had been only the beginning of a new relationship, as Dexter provided the weaponry Yuki needed to make her way in the big bad world outside.


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