RPG Vignettes: 05: Getting Ready

Yuki Satori stood in front of her open wardrobe, looking at the clothes within, wondering what she should wear that night. She didn’t feel like wearing a skirt. Maybe she should wear her red denim designer jeans – yes, she had a top which would go with them, this shockingly bright scarlet tee shirt. It was the sort of tee shirt which left an afterimage on your eyes when you looked away.

She’d got some knew synth-leather boots, ones with high heels so sharp they were as good as a dagger. Not the sort to wear on a wooden floor, but that wouldn’t be a problem tonight, as far as she knew. Yeah, the boots went on, over the jeans.

Then her reinforced synth-leather armoured jacket. She had to have her leather jacket. It could stop lower calibre small arms fire. It could be the difference between life and death. It was a bit heavy for her. But it was a lot better than having no protection at all.

It was time to tool up. Her survival knife went into an inside pocket of her armoured jacket. It was not noticeable to a cursory glance.

Then her two six shooters, into holsters on a leather belt. She checked the guns first, of course, to make sure that they were in working order. Better to clean guns before a misfire than afterwards. She drew each gun a few times, to make sure that they came cleanly out of her holsters.

She wondered is she should take her flechette pistols. But she didn’t want to overdo it. so Yuki slung her sword over her shoulders. There was no way she was leaving her sword behind.

One last thing… she posed in front of her mirror, ad thought how beautiful she looked, with her long white hair (with a faintest hint of purple); her dusky, dark skin; and her pointed ears.  She was perfection. Yuki smiled, and began to walk towards the door.

Then, just as an afterthought, she picked up one of her two flechette guns and stuffed it in her jacket pocket. After all, you couldn’t be too careful on a first date…



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