The Next Prophet

The Next Prophet is a novel which asks what would happen if some major religious leader – whether Jesus or Buddha – was reincarnated into modern Britain.

The fact is that such a person would probably not be treated very well. The big religions would certainly not like some upstart new prophet coming along; and most people on the street would thing any such prophet to be a religious nutter, the sort of person who you would probably move away from on the bus.

It is not my intent to offend anybody with this collection of words; but I think that some people can find offence anywhere, so I see little point in modifying my prose. People will look for offence; if not for this, then something else.

I have nothing against religious people, only against organised religion, and people telling you to stop thinking and simply accept the creed. Me, I think that disorganised religion would be much more fun.

And each one of you has every right to disagree with me…

Extract from The Next Prophet

Born from an egg on a mountain top…

Um. No.

Born on the Fourth of July…

Better. But still no.

Born to run, baby we were…

No, now you’re just getting silly. Stop there, before Bruce Springsteen sues you for breach of copyright. Or his record company does, which is far more likely. Bruce would probably be cool about something like that.

He was born on the First of March, 1991. Hardly the most auspicious of dates. But it could have been the Ides, of Caesar fame: the ides of a month are – in the old Roman calendar – either the 13th of January, February, April, June, August, September, November, December; or the 15th of March, May, July or October.

He was born a day after the ending of Operation Desert Storm, when the US Army (Yee Ha!) under General Schwartzkopf had run roughshod over the paltry defence’s of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army; and two days before two officers of the Los Angeles Police Department beat up the black motorist Rodney King. Twin facets of one side of American force: men in uniforms being violent, applauded when abroad, decried at home.

His name was Yusuf.

His name was Joseph.

Both answers are correct. (Discuss.)

The Next Prophet is available as an e-book on the Amazon Kindle store.




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